An aging criminal, Pete Shields (John Flaus) discovers that he's facing death via cancer.  After a bungled robbery and murder in Sydney, he heads down to Melbourne to catch up with family and fr... read more

The domestic Home Cinema Group VHS release had EXTORTION! emblazoned top right hand side of the slick, along with this pitch “The first phone call created a full-scale emergency. The second spar... read more

Based on a real story, Cathy (Michele Fawdon) is a Maltese national, married to an Australian Greek. Cathy approaches Sydney newspapermen Dick Wordley (Alan Cassell) and The Sun's Hot Line editor Pa... read more

A re-make of director Rudolph Maté's much more engaging 1950 Hollywood thriller D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival), which had Edmond O'Brien in the lead role. The plot revolves around an accountant... read more

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A visiting German professor (Kurt Beimel) assists a student of criminology (Peter Carmody), completing a thesis on mass murders committed in Melbourne. The pair visit the scenes of the crimes with a ... read more

(Note: this listing concerns a real serial killer. It contains sexual undertones and spoilers). The pitch for the original CBS Fox domestic videotape release, which sells the film as a "true story" a... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers. Please watch the movie first if you want to avoid the details of all the double dealing on this site). Butterfly-collecting, French-accented busine... read more

golden chook

The domestic Warners VHS release, using the Australian title of Evil Angels, started on the rear of the slick with Gene Shalit from "Today"/NBC-TV: "A gripping movie that doesn't let go!" and provided... read more

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers, and language matching the film's adult concepts). Secondary school student Steve Carson (Rod Zuanic) is always in trouble, whether it's stealing eg... read more

The domestic RCA/Columbia/Hoyts VHS cover pitched the film as “A hot chase across the outback”, though the film didn’t feature much by way of a hot chase, or mud-caked, sunburnt, dea... read more

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