(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The original VHS release for the film pitched the film on the front cover as “The world’s favourite adventurer is back for more … much more!... read more

Norman (Tony Owen) is a sensitive, precocious 13-year-old preparing for his Bar Mitzvah which will signal his entry into Jewish manhood.  We first sight Norman catching racing out of a private s... read more

Sydney in the years of the federal Labor Whitlam government, around 1975 in its decaying moments of power ... Twenty nine year old Fran (Judy Morris) is heading towards thirty and an emotional crisis... read more

golden chook

Barrington Bradman Bing "Barry" or "Bazza" McKenzie (Barry Crocker) is a dinkum true blue Australian - he earned seven hundred quid working on the Snowy Mountains Opera House scheme - who is left $2,0... read more

The film begins by showing a derelict house surrounded by modern buildings. While various subversive texts are read aloud on the soundtrack, the images show a clock being linked to explosives, a smok... read more

Bradley Morahan (James Mason), a successful Australian artist in the grip of alimony, decides to leave the high pressure New York art scene behind, and heads for a run down shack on an island off the ... read more

magic pudding

Noel Ferrier is the manager of a Queensland island resort, while Number 96's Johnny Lockwood is an eccentric priest with a nude "mum" tattoed on his belly who turns out to be a thief. Stuart "Waggers... read more

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The domestic VHS release led with the film’s theatrical tag on the front cover: “The guy from down under is working for the man upstairs.” The back of the slick repeated the line an... read more

Alvin Purple (Graeme Blundell) is a quiet, urban Australian male who finds himself the unlikely object of female lust. The film tracks him from his schooldays through early jobs - water-bed salesman,... read more

In this sequel to the sex comedy romp Alvin Purple, Graham Blundell reprises his role as a man irresistibly attractive to women. His peculiar charm disrupts his search for a steady job, but when... read more

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