(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers) Terry Regan (Charles 'Bud' Tingwell) receives a call-up notice for the Australian Navy at his home "Greenacres" in Camden, N.S.W., soon after World... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). Violin-playing, musical John Ainsworth (Lloyd Hughes) helps Sydney University win a rowing race against Melbourne University. He celebrates in a night club by... read more

The original ballet was by Petipa and Minkus for the Ballet of the Imperial Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow in December 1869. Rudolf Nureyev re-worked the ballet for the Vienna State Opera Ballet in 1... read more

A sampling of shorts, documentaries and other footage from the nineteen thirties produced by F. W. Thring's Efftee studio, compiled and released c. 1989 on VHS by the National Film and Sound Archive. ... read more

A romance set in the world of the sport of kings. The Curzons are a racehorse breeding family, who need to strengthen their blood stock to re-establish a fading reputation. When they purchase a champ... read more

Daubenny Carshott (Lloyd Hughes) is a London concert pianist who wants to woo ambitious socialite Stella Raff (Elaine Hamill). But when she sees a pearling display in a shop front, Stella insists he... read more

Eileen Joyce was a concert pianist with a forceful, direct style, who achieved international recognition, but who started life as a child in the Tasmanian bush and on the Kalgoorlie, Western Australia... read more

Running on Empty