(Note: this listing contains spoilers and some of the coarse language used in the film). The nineteenth century. Station hand Harry Walford (Paul Goddard) helps bring a prize bull from Roma railway s... read more

The Australian outback, the 1880s. English adventurer Richard Connor (Peter Lawford) poses as the long-lost son of old cattleman Maguire (Finlay Currie). Connor's ruthless companion Gamble (Richard ... read more

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A Nation is Built was a sponsored drama documentary celebrating the 150th. (sesquicentenary) celebrations of the state of New South Wales, made by assembling images from all over the state, "from the ... read more

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Northern Australia, 1942. A gigantic cattle drive takes a herd of 1,000 cattle from the north of Western Australia to the Queensland coast, a 1,600 mile trek taking nearly eight months to complete, ... read more

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Kim Marsden (Jeanette Elphick) is the heiress to a cattle station near Alice Springs, but she's convinced her father has been murdered, and so she sends for a legendary bushman known as the Sundowner ... read more

In 1954, recently crowned Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh embarked on a two month tour of Australia. It involved some 10,000 miles of travel by air and 4,000 miles by land and sea. T... read more

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Patriarchal cattleman Dan Hastings (George Bryant) and his rugged young manager Dick Drake (Victor Jory) are up against Donald Lawton (Cecil Perry), a handsome, suave, ruthless villain (he has a penci... read more

The story of American brother and sister Bob (Dick Jones) and Kathy Prince (Georgia Lee) who move to Australia to manage a cattle station owned by their father, who is tired of his son riding his hors... read more

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Break of Day