Sydney's western suburbs in the 1970s. Kevin (Paul Couzens) is an apprentice motor mechanic who spends his time with his mate Bob (Carl Stever) drinking and looking for girls by cruising the streets... read more

Wynard, Sydney CBD. A gang of criminals armed with a semi-trailer and a tow truck conduct a raid on on an underground car park. They make off with precious Volvos … The western suburbs of Syd... read more

One of the first mainstream nuclear doomsday pictures, set five years in the future (which is to say 1964). Captain Dwight Towers (Gregory Peck), in charge of the US submarine Sawfish, finds himself ... read more

golden chook magic pudding

When a tragic motor sport accident leaves Dave (John Jarratt) deaf, life becomes meaningless for the cynical, mechanically-minded, sports-car driving young man. Eileen (Celia de Burgh) is a small-tim... read more

They're a Weird Mob