Australia in the 1840s. A young American, Adam Beecher (Beau Bridges), is wrongly arrested and transported to Sydney. He's given a flogging for attempting to escape but his rebellious nature attracts... read more

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Australia in the 1880s. Barney, a young boy (twelve year old Brett Maxworthy), a wombat called Amanda and an Irish convict Rafe (Sean Kramer) are the sole survivors of a shipwreck. The trio set out... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers and some of the coarse language used in the film). The nineteenth century. Station hand Harry Walford (Paul Goddard) helps bring a prize bull from Roma railway s... read more

(Left: title from the film's trailer) Fred Ward (Grant Taylor) is sentenced to hard labour for horse stealing, but escapes from his Cockatoo Island prison, and becomes a bushranger under the name of ... read more

The story of Ned Kelly and his gang, "filmed in Kelly country", near the Victorian country town of Benalla. The familiar story is framed by director Rupert Kathner, appearing as an artist sketching t... read more

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Tex Kinnane (Jock O'Mahony) is an American cowboy detective who turns up in Australia to find the mastermind and his gang, who are responsible for a series of gold robberies in the United States. Tex... read more

Daniel 'Mad Dog' Morgan - the film added the sobriquet "dog" - was a bushranger who roamed the Riverina and northern Victoria during the gold rush days of the eighteen sixties. The original bushrange... read more

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In Tony Richardson's version of Ned Kelly's story, the notorious nineteenth century Australian bushranger, Ned (Mick Jagger) is a valiant rebel, a poor Irish Catholic fighting against the powerful Bri... read more

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1865, Australia. The Marston brothers, Dick (Ronald Lewis) and Jim (David McCallum) become involved in a life of crime via their ex-convict father Ben (Laurence Naismith), and his friend, the notori... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers, and the synopsis is only a 'compare and contrast' with the feature film version shot at the same time as the mini-series in 1985. For more details of this simult... read more

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