An opening title announces The Blue Mountains, Sunday, December 19th, over a panning shot of the mountains, but fails to note the year. (There was a Sunday 19th December in 1982. Perhaps the film is t... read more

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Where in the first film Smiley wanted a bicycle, in the sequel the fledgling would-be member of the NRA wants a .22 rifle. The local policeman Sergeant Flaxman (Chips Rafferty) promises Smiley (... read more

Paul Robinson (Vincent Gil) is a fire patrol pilot, scanning lonely, beautiful New Zealand pine forests over an area of hundreds of square miles. He has chosen the isolation of a cockpit for seven hou... read more

The story of three generations of Australian pioneers carving out a home in rugged frontier land, starting with Matthew (John O'Malley) and Jane O'Riordan (Thelma Scott), who produce a family of five ... read more

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Plucky strong-willed Joan Enderby (Jocelyn Howarth), with her lame brother Jimmie (Owen Ainsley) runs a sheep station, Enderby, and is involved in a tussle with a rival station, Waratah, which - in th... read more

There's an in-joke reference to Cecil B. Demille's 1947 picture Unconquered