(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers) Terry Regan (Charles 'Bud' Tingwell) receives a call-up notice for the Australian Navy at his home "Greenacres" in Camden, N.S.W., soon after World... read more

Al 'The Bomb' Dawson (Michael Karpaney) is caught between his Aboriginal friends, fight promoters, and students campaigning for Aboriginal rights. (Karpaney had been a professional boxer, and so the ... read more

Barney O'Hara (Will Mahoney) and his young daughter Pat (Jean Hatton) tour the carnival circuit with a side show act, but when Pat is asked to sing at a party being given by a wealthy land-owner, her ... read more

After joining the police force, Constable Dreadnought (George Wallace) is assigned to patrol Harmony Row, haunt of thugs, criminals and ne'er do wells. On the beat, the constable makes friends with M... read more

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