The Australian VHS slick pushed the notion of “Music by Dear Enemy” and “Living Fast …Dying Young!” on the front cover, and on the rear cover a couple of quotes “T... read more

(Left: note that the film's title spreads over four cards - "Castor", "and" "Pollux", and "a tale of two spiritual brothers") Trove, here, provides this brief synopsis: Controversial examinatio... read more

Jack (Anthony Ward) is a bikie, with a big motorbike. Jill (Judy Leech) is a kindergarten teacher living with her Catholic parents (Phyllis Freeman and Alan Higgs). She has a boyfriend Christopher (Li... read more

A young American surfer and former Olympic Games' champion swimmer Jeff Rayburn (Ben Murphy) visits Australia, bums around and gets involved in the sport of sidecar motor-cycle racing. He teams up wi... read more

Undercover cop Stone (Ken Shorter) is ordered to investigate the violent murder of several members of a motorcycle gang, the Grave Diggers. But when he turns up in the bikie pub to order a beer and l... read more

Sub-titled "a documentary about the 70's biker cult classic", the slick for the 1999 VHS release offered this synopsis: In 1974 Sandy Harbutt made the film Stone - a thriller about an undercover cop,... read more

The Siege of Pinchgut
The back road to Kirribilli and many other road moments