2000 Weeks takes its title from its hero's calculation that he has 2000 weeks left in his life to fulfil himself creatively. A semi-autobiographical work by director Tim Burstall, it paints Australia ... read more

golden chook

Section 27A of the Queensland Mental Health act allowed hospital authorities to hold an inmate until they decide he can be released. When Bill Donald (Robert McDarra), a middle aged metho drinker, is... read more

This is a record of a stage performance of the popular play by Jack Hibberd about a wedding reception in the Victorian country town of Dimboola. In the theatrical version, audience interaction is enc... read more

The film begins by showing a derelict house surrounded by modern buildings. While various subversive texts are read aloud on the soundtrack, the images show a clock being linked to explosives, a smok... read more

Bradley Morahan (James Mason), a successful Australian artist in the grip of alimony, decides to leave the high pressure New York art scene behind, and heads for a run down shack on an island off the ... read more

magic pudding

A scientist finds a cocoon. An idealised woman emerges from it. She is harassed by two faceless monsters who are collecting specimens for a museum. She and the scientist make love on a vast stretch of... read more

The Australian VHS release led off with “Winner of 8 awards Venice Film Festival including Jury Prize Best Film 1990 ... Sydney Film Festival” and a quote from the Melbourne Herald: &ldquo... read more

magic pudding

(Left: Juliet Bacskai as The Woman watches television, while on the right, Rod McNicol as The Man, reads Wilhelm Reich) The film begins with a scene which Scott Murray describes as "elliptical" betwe... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers, adult concepts and language, and images of Aboriginal people who have died). The pitch on the Virgin VHS slick: David Argue and Gia Carides are cops and an unl... read more

Jack (Bill Hunter) and Gary (Gary Foley), a young Aborigine troubled by a failed relationship with his white wife, steal a 1962 Pontiac Parisienne and hit the road looking for adventure. They steal ri... read more

magic pudding

Snow the Movie