Bradley Morahan (James Mason), a successful Australian artist in the grip of alimony, decides to leave the high pressure New York art scene behind, and heads for a run down shack on an island off the ... read more

magic pudding

(left: the title used in the film's trailer - the film's main title is over black, with the barest hints of figures at Gallipoli. It's dull, which helps explain why the trailer-makers took a later sho... read more

Jack (Anthony Ward) is a bikie, with a big motorbike. Jill (Judy Leech) is a kindergarten teacher living with her Catholic parents (Phyllis Freeman and Alan Higgs). She has a boyfriend Christopher (Li... read more

Filmed during the second university Arts Festival in May 1969, this 'short feature' was part documentary, part fiction, featuring the reaction of three basic student types - the Enthusiast (playwright... read more

The film is relatively straightforward in terms of contents and is summarised by its subtitle, “the life and death of Vincent Van Gogh.” The film presents Van Gogh’s paintings, and... read more

Final Cut
There's a hint of something about to unfold courtesy of the cross hairs, but it's simply a tease