A swaggie, Danny ( Drew Forsythe) walks in from the bush, joins in a game of catch with a couple of children, then heads over to Ben and Dot's animal zoo … which has a talking cockie, a bunny, ... read more

The producer company's logline for the telemovie: Join Blinky Bill and his friends as they celebrate the magic of a traditional European White Christmas in the Australian Bush. Extraordinary! The pr... read more

Dot (voiced by Barbara Frawley) is the young daughter of an outback settler. When Dot gets lost in the bush, she makes friends with a big female kangaroo (voiced by Joan Bruce), who helps her to fin... read more

In a misguided prologue, the film opens with co-producer Phillip Adams stepping through a darkened door, and walking up to camera to offer some thoughts on the significance of monsters, in the process... read more

The tale's narrated by live-action figure Old Grandpa, played by Rolf Harris, who comments on and sometimes joins in the action, starting with an opening sequence in a showground which features a perf... read more

Marco Polo Jnr (voiced by Bobby Rydell) is the seventh son of the seventh son of the original Marco Polo, and he sets off to Xanadu to find the other half of an old family heirloom, the golden medalli... read more

(Note: there are spoilers in this synopsis and listing, and the details mainly concern the Australian English-language version). Young Nicholas (voiced by Jack Versace) is a boy living in a Sydney or... read more

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers). Opening narration by Mia Farrow, standing in a pine forest: The war is over. There are always winners and losers. And the ones who have lost the ... read more

The Singer and the Dancer