(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The original VHS release for the film pitched the film on the front cover as “The world’s favourite adventurer is back for more … much more!... read more

Embedded within the drama is a survey of Australia from early colonial days - the times of Governor Phillip and Governor Macquarie (Norman France) - to scenic views of Australia, three generations lat... read more

golden chook magic pudding

The film re-enacts the true story of three children, Jane Duff, aged seven, her brothers Isaac (9) and Frank (4), who in 1864 went missing from their bark-roofed log hut west of Natimuk in the Wimmera... read more

Loosely based on Jules Verne's novel A Long Vacation (Deux ans de vacances, written in 1887), the story involves ten boys and a dog shipwrecked on a Pacific island. The boys salvage enough equipment ... read more

Traditionally, a sundowner was a tramp who sought food and lodging at sundown when it was too late to work. This later developed, as in Jon Cleary's novel, into the notion of the nomad, wanderer or s... read more

Four English orphans migrate to Tasmania to live on a farm in the wild Tasmanian bush with their aunt, Jandie (Barbara Manning). But when their aunt becomes sick and goes to hospital, the children ar... read more

Beatrice Lynn (Margot Rhys) is a successful high society writer bored with her insulated life. Searching for a new story, she travels into the wilds of northern Australia to explore tales of a white m... read more

golden chook magic pudding

Zane Grey goes on a quest for the great white shark in Australia. He visits an island in the Great Barrier Reef and meets a half-crazed missionary. The man's son and wife were taken by a shark known... read more

Beyond Reason