(Left: the main title is spread over two cards, with the presence of a comma indicating it's meant to be read as one)   South East Asia. In an animal compound in the Malayan Jungle, award-winni... read more

The early 1900s. Wally King (Chips Rafferty) and his wife (Jean Blue) lead their pioneer family on a six hundred mile trek across outback South Australia to the land that they've acquired from the gov... read more

Two ex-Vietnam commandos (John Hargreaves, Grant Page) are now working as stunt men for television drama and commercials. They're recruited by a government security organisation run by Culpepper (No... read more

Eureka Stockade tells the story of the rebellion against taxes on the Ballarat goldfields which erupted in violence between miners and police and military personnel on December 3rd 1854. Some twenty ... read more

The same team as featured in the long running television series turn up in the feature film, including Chief Ranger of Waratah National Park Matt Hammond (Ed Devereaux), his sons Mark (Garry Pankhurst... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). A remote cattle station in the Northern Territory. A newly born Aboriginal baby is adopted by Sarah McMann (Betty Suttor) in place of her dead child. Sarah na... read more

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(Note: this listing contains spoilers). Ted King (Chips Rafferty) is a pearler in the Torres Straits, and when he finds a body floating in the sea, it leads him to discover a racket involving illegal... read more

Long John Silver (Robert Newton) is living on a Caribbean Island trying to avoid marriage to the circling Purity Pinker (Connie Gilchrist), the owner of a waterfront tavern. When Long John hears that... read more

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Daubenny Carshott (Lloyd Hughes) is a London concert pianist who wants to woo ambitious socialite Stella Raff (Elaine Hamill). But when she sees a pearling display in a shop front, Stella insists he... read more

(Note: this synopsis and this listing contains spoilers) The high country of Victoria in 1888. Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson) and his father Henry (Terence Donovan) are in such financial difficulty grubb... read more

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But it also allows him to enjoy the ironies, like the swimming pool placed next to the harbour