After title cards tell us it's the 10th January 1945, and we're in the "Straits of Sembalang, south west Pacific",  we see five hooded soldiers leave a submarine and paddle to shore in kayaks. I... read more

golden chook

P. J. (Angelo D'Angelo) and Goose (James Lugton) are a couple of BMX devotees hanging loose on Sydney's north shore. But unknown to them, their wheels will soon cross paths with a gang of bank robber... read more

magic pudding

A feature film spin-off from the TV serial/soap, about daily life and crises in television station UCV-12, which had been produced since early 1974 by Crawford Productions in Melbourne, as competition... read more

golden chook

The Australian VHS slick pushed the notion of “Music by Dear Enemy” and “Living Fast …Dying Young!” on the front cover, and on the rear cover a couple of quotes “T... read more

The US VHS and laserdisc releases offered a quote from Rex Reed, At the Movies, as a starter on the rear of the sleeve: “An imaginative thriller full of surprises. Will send your pulse sky high... read more

Joe Slater (Joe James), the Australian Defence Minister, has organised an Asian security conference in Canberra, with Thao Kimalayo (Kenneth Tsang) a leading political player, who lands in Sydney and ... read more

The movie, and maybe life, starts as an arcade video game for Ron (Jon Blake), one of the few pleasures he has, and even that's interrupted by his yahoo mate Phil (Chris Haywood). Ron is an angry you... read more

Cinema Papers’ August 1990 production survey offered this short, crass synopsis: A black man comes to the Gold Coast to find his sister and becomes involved in a web of corruption and organized... read more

After doing a rope over water stunt, stuntman Grant Page heads off to Lawrence Lee's Sydney-based kung fu school for a little instruction in the ancient martial art (grandmaster Lee was the founder of... read more

Tarzan (Gerard Kennedy) is the last of the knucklemen, a tough guy who runs his world of wild cat miners in a desert landscape with an iron fist. Around him are clustered a variety of losers - Tassi... read more

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