An observational documentary which looked at Sydney's first community Aboriginal radio station, Radio Redfern. The official pitch for the film ran something like this: Set against the backdrop of con... read more

Jack (Bill Hunter) and Gary (Gary Foley), a young Aborigine troubled by a failed relationship with his white wife, steal a 1962 Pontiac Parisienne and hit the road looking for adventure. They steal ri... read more

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The early 1900s. Wally King (Chips Rafferty) and his wife (Jean Blue) lead their pioneer family on a six hundred mile trek across outback South Australia to the land that they've acquired from the gov... read more

Half-caste Jimmie Blacksmith (Tommy Lewis) is tribally initiated, but educated and helped - with appropriate canings - into the world of white Australian culture by the pompous Rev. Neville (Jack Thom... read more

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Al 'The Bomb' Dawson (Michael Karpaney) is caught between his Aboriginal friends, fight promoters, and students campaigning for Aboriginal rights. (Karpaney had been a professional boxer, and so the ... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers and images of deceased Aboriginal people). The synopsis for the US release of the film on VHS and laserdisc, with the tag line Death is only one bite away: Pani... read more

The Filmpac domestic VHS release pitched the film on the front cover as “She uncovered a place where ancient mysteries survive … and nightmares are real,” and then on the rear of th... read more

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Justin Bayard (Ken Wayne), a Northern Territory policeman, is given the job of taking an Aboriginal prisoner Emu Foot (Robert Tudawali), to Alice Springs to be tried for a tribal killing. Bayard is w... read more

(Note: Australian Aboriginal people should be aware that this listing contains images of people who have died; the listing also contains spoilers). The remarkably inept domestic Roadshow VHS pitch fo... read more

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Embedded within the drama is a survey of Australia from early colonial days - the times of Governor Phillip and Governor Macquarie (Norman France) - to scenic views of Australia, three generations lat... read more

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