(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The original VHS release for the film pitched the film on the front cover as “The world’s favourite adventurer is back for more … much more!... read more

A documentary about five people caught up in the Vietnamese war: three Australian soldiers, including an Aboriginal Australian, a Kampuchean man and a Vietnamese woman who ends up marrying one of the ... read more

(Left: the main title is spread over two cards, with the presence of a comma indicating it's meant to be read as one)   South East Asia. In an animal compound in the Malayan Jungle, award-winni... read more

Norman (Tony Owen) is a sensitive, precocious 13-year-old preparing for his Bar Mitzvah which will signal his entry into Jewish manhood.  We first sight Norman catching racing out of a private s... read more

An early example of a drama with documentary elements, or vice versa, and in the Australian version, a dramadoc where Ken G. Hall and his First National Pictures boss John C. Jones used a "waste not w... read more

1901, Pietersburg, Transvaal. Lt. Harry 'Breaker' Morant (Edward Woodward) and two other officers of the Bushveldt Carbineers, Lt. Peter Handcock (Bryan Brown), and Lt. George Whitton (Lewis Fitz-Ge... read more

magic pudding

Sydney in the years of the federal Labor Whitlam government, around 1975 in its decaying moments of power ... Twenty nine year old Fran (Judy Morris) is heading towards thirty and an emotional crisis... read more

golden chook

2000 Weeks takes its title from its hero's calculation that he has 2000 weeks left in his life to fulfil himself creatively. A semi-autobiographical work by director Tim Burstall, it paints Australia ... read more

golden chook

Section 27A of the Queensland Mental Health act allowed hospital authorities to hold an inmate until they decide he can be released. When Bill Donald (Robert McDarra), a middle aged metho drinker, is... read more

The three segments in the trilogy had relatively little thematic or stylistic connection, apart from what might be called the Commonwealth Film Unit's - the federal government's production a... read more

That Lady from Peking
Robert Bruning as Karl rehearsing his team