The Golden Chooks

The Golden Chook (a chook is Australian slang for chicken) is an award bestowed on a film that's so bad it's good, or so silly it's entertaining, or so out there it's actually in there, or so pointless it becomes the point.

The Golden Chook is named in honour of the Film Finance Corporation, which, back in the early nineteen nineties, under then chief executive John Morris decided to select eight feature films for financing from a raft of scripts submitted by the industry. The bureaucratic selection process become known as "the chook raffle".

All eight films were box office flops, duds, turkeys, or, if you will, Golden Chooks. Other countries might have their Golden Raspberries or Razzies, or their Golden Turkeys, or their Guilty Pleasures, but here at OZMovies, we have our Golden Chooks (disclaimer: having produced one of the original Golden Chooks, the writer is a proud Golden Chook winner).

It should be noted that in many cases a Golden Chook indicates a film much more interesting than an average dull film, and should be taken as a sign that the show is well worth a look, at least for cultists.

Latest addition

Sher Mountain Killings Mystery

  • The Cursed Mountain Mystery (USA)
  • The Sher Mountain Killings

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